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Top 5 Interview Questions and best suggestions

Top 5 Interview Questions and best suggestions to hep you out:

top 5 interview questions and best suggestions

1.Tell me about yourself. 

When you walk into an interview, always remember to expect the "tell me about yourself" question. Prepare in advance by developing your own personal branding statement that clearly tells  who you are, your major strength and the clear benefits that your employer receive from you . The advantages of this approach is that you'll quickly gain their attention and interest them in knowing more. You separate yourself from your competitors. Also you have a greater chance of being remembered and hired positively.  

2.What is your greatest strength?

"What is your greatest strength?" It is one of the easier questions you will be asked in interview. When you are asked about your strengths, it is important to talk about the attributes which suggests that you qualify for the job.
The best way to respond is to describe the skills and experience that directly correlate to the job you are applying.

3.What is your greatest weakness?

When asked what is your greatest weakness, there are several different ways you can respond, including highlighting the skills that are not required for the job, skills you have have improved, and turning a negative into a positive.

4.How do you handle stress and pressure?

A typical interview question, asked to get an idea of how you manage stress in the workplace, is "How do you handle stress and pressure?"
  •   I'm not a person who has a hard time with stress. When I'm under pressure, I focus and do the job.
  •   I am the type of person who stays calm under pressure and handle stress quite easily.
  •  I react to situations, rather than stress. Thus, the situation is handled and does not become stressful. 

5.Why should we hire you?  

When an employer asks you, "Why should we hire you?" he/she is actually asking, "What makes you the best fit for this position?" Your answer to this question should be concise explaining what you have to offer the employer. 
The best way to respond is to give specific examples of why your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job . Take a few minutes to compare the job description with your abilities as well as mentioning what you have accomplished in your other positions. Be positive and reiterate your interest in the company and the position you are being hired. 
The interviewer wants to know how you stand out among other applicants. Therefore, focus on one or two qualities you possess that might be unique, or more difficult to find in other interviewees. For example, if you are very experienced with some skill the job requires, say so. This is your opportunity to tell the interviewer why you would be a valuable employee.

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