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Theory of Machines by SS.Rattan pdf free download

Looking for Theory of Machines by SS Rattan pdf ? You can download it here. Theory of machines by SS Rattan is one of the most recommended books for the students appearing for Competitive Exams pursuing undergraduate engineering course. This book has two sections for two semesters that includes Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery.


Download Theory of Machines by SS.Rattan PDF

To understand the complete topic of Machines, ss rattan theory of machines pdf is the best. The book is designed in a simple way so that the topics mentioned are easily understood by the users. Topic of machine is very vast and complicated. Especially, Mechanical Engineering students have to get a complete grip on this subject. This book is preferable for them to understand and grasp the topic. This book is also called shortly as Tom by Rattan

Both conceptual and numerical based questions will help them to get a good rank in their competitive exam. Conceptual part will also help them in their semester wise examination. Recent developments on machines are mentioned to update the students with recent developments.

Diagrammatic representation of the machines is very well represented in Theory of machines by ss rattan for the better understanding of the subject. Solved examples are present in the book for better understanding the way to approach to the solution. Keeping examination in the point of view, the book is very well written.

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Readers get an adequate understanding on the topics that are very well prescribed by S.S. Rattan. Complete examination level preparation can be done by Theory of Machines book. Solved examples, number of exercise problems and conceptual parts present in the book help the students appearing for competitive exam to get a good score.


Author: S.S. Rattan
Publication year: 2009
Published by: Tata McGraw Hill
Language: English

S.S. Rattan is born in March, 1948 in Dehradun. He pursued his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Kurukshetra University, in 1995. He is an author and professor. He is a professor in at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Kurukshetra, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has a number of his research papers published in national and international journals

Theory of Machines by SS Rattan pdf

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